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We believe in keeping it simple. Simply order the meal plan that suits your needs and pick how many meals you want. We provide tasty and nutritious meals all calorie & macro calibrated to keep you on track towards your health & wellness goals. If you have any special requirements or a specific order please feel free to drop us an email at and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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Check out some of the 5 star reviews our customers left for us!

Georgia said

Food is amazing! Everything is so fresh. Really high quality meals. Fresh! really suits my lifestyle as I don’t always time to cook healthy meals and having Fresh! means I can keep my diet on track and get closer to my fitness goals. 

Phil said

I really enjoy getting my meals from Fresh Meal Prep. They always taste great and it’s the easiest way for me to get nutritious food without the hassle of cooking after a long day at work. Great variation in meals too!

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Mint Chocolate Protein Pancakes Breakfast Wrap Muesli & Protein Yogurt Breakfast Wrap Chocolate Protein Pancakes
Lunch Mediterranean Beef Pasta BBQ Pulled Pork Pasta Chicken Jalfrezi Honey Mustard Chicken & Potato Mince & Dumplings
Dinner Thai Green Chicken Curry Chicken Pepperoni Pizza Hot Shot Parmo BBQ Beef, Rice & Veg Thai Beef Noodles
Snack 1 (1500 Plan) Brownie Millionaire Shortbread Chocloate Flapjack Brownie Millionaire Shortbread
snack 2 (1800 plan) Millionaire Shortbread Chocloate Flapjack Brownie Millionaire Shortbread Chocolate Flapjack
Extra Meal 1 (2200 plan) Chicken Pepperoni Pizza Thai Green Curry Mediterranean Beef Pasta Thai Beef Noodles BBQ Beef, Rice & Veg
extra meal 2 (2600 plan) Chicken Jalfrezi Hot Shot Parmo BBQ Pulled Pork Pasta Mince & Dumplings Honey Mustard Chicken & Potato

Calorie Calculator

Use this calculator to calculate the calories you need to maintain your current weight. Then you can choose a meal plan that suits your goals.

If you want to lose weight choose a plan with lower calories than your requirement.

If you want to gain weight choose a plan with higher calories than your requirement. 

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